Incógnito magazine

A mystery shopping magazine



King Of The Mountain


Born to path

The brain is always learning, Learning is casual, and you get when you're working on it and when you feel it


Works for a legal publishing

Works for a publishing house, badges, posters, banners and each day a bit about everything


Sometimes all comes down to a badge

You go outside and the enviroment non stop sending you information that you work into your brain in a graphic way


From the temple to the tavern

The projects take their time, their hours, and all your attention for see the light. This one is one of my longest project.


When was the last time you played bottle caps?

A beautiful story, walking by the city.


Who say Madrid, says Abu Dhabi

A city has different icons, Madrid is one of them.


Makexperience magazine

Personal project, about a publishing development, working with typography, images, texts.

Hello there. My name is Juan Pedro Sánchez Plaza, from Madrid. I´m currently working at Editorial Reus as marketing digital assistant, since May 2015.

I love create, design, learn,write, and be a brand thinker. To design a logo, create with words an slogang, testing and surfing by the armony of the colours, to tell the story with the apropiate typography.

I'm interested in working on your projects, just mail me



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