When was the last time you played bottle caps?

Well maybe it's even ugly... who knows? This kind of designs belongs to other periods, but I tried .... The story around began a year ago even more, in a spring day in the place where I living , walking by a big avenue with trees at the sides there were some kiosks with people selling old books and vintage things... I like to spend some time in this kind of kiosks. ..we never know what we can see or discover... The case is in one side between other things there was an old, rusted and very damaged advertising lithographic metal plate, hanging .. even was difficult to view it...but I don't know how I could pay attention in that metal plate I was asking for to take a picture .... Whith each path some thoughs came to my mind about my childhood... (not for drinking beer...:)) but for making roads with the sand of the parks and with the hands designing the tour as roads for playing with the bottle caps imitating the colors and colors design of official bicicles clubs or putting inside the bottle cap the face image of the favourite professional cyclists In that years there was only two brands of beers...the competence and this one .. with the time right now, in the supermarket it's possible to lose the count about beer brands ... I would like to introduce you my last personal project and if you find mistakes (for sure there are), or just write something you are welcome.



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