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junio 18, 2021
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septiembre 3, 2021

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Good typography should be almost unnoticeable. Blending seamlessly into the rest of the design, it should tell you everything you need to know, without you being aware of it. Despite the many restrictions that are applied to dial layout, the creativity that can be seen in typography across horology is quite staggering. To put it simply, typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible and appealing when displayed. As the dial is the main point of interaction with a watch, it is arguably one of its most important parts, and certainly one that can produce the most emotion. This is why typeface can play such a vital, yet subtle, role in how we experience and feel about a certain piece.

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9 Ways to Get More Email Survey Responses

It’s all too common for marketers and businesses to rely on intuition, assumptions, or guesses. Surveys remove this guesswork. They allow you to get real-life feedback from customers, as well as your target audience.

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The “Rule of Three” Also Works in Conversation Design

Exploring the aesthetics and functionality of the rule of three in user interfaces

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Trendy Gradients in Web Design

This year we have seen many multicolored gradients with vibrant color palettes and irregular shapes with blur and distortion effects. Gradients are currently being used in many ways, but the most characteristic, in terms of trends, sees their use extended to secondary elements within the composition, such as hovers, titles, 3D elements, icons, and more.

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PODCAST | 230- The 100 most creative professionals in the world

Each year at Adweek, we select our Creative 100—a celebration of today's most fascinating and enviable creative professionals across categories like agencies, media, influencers, and many more. However, our editors never honor the same person twice, guaranteeing that each year’s list offers a topical array of names you should know. This week on 'Yeah, That's Probably an Ad,' we're joined by streaming editor Kelsey Sutton, creative editor Shannon Miller, and Europe bureau chief Stephen Lepitak to chat about some of the big names on the list.

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