Inspiración semanal: 10 diciembre, 2021
diciembre 10, 2021
Básicos sobre presentaciones
julio 10, 2022

El contenido que he consultado esta semana sobre los temas que más me importan

The Rebrand Trend of 2021? Acting Your Age

This year, heritage brands looked to their pasts to create visual identities for the multi-platform era

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Cómo planificar tu estrategia de marketing para el 2022

Ha llegado el momento de planificar. Aunque los cambios y desafíos surgidos con la pandemia seguirán influyendo en las marcas de formas impredecibles en el 2022, hay temas importantes que todos los profesionales del marketing deben tener en cuenta: la digitalización, la privacidad y la sostenibilidad.

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How to Convince Yourself to Do Hard Things

When we’re tired or stressed, our brains want to save mental energy and help us make decisions quickly. We’re wired to move toward things that make us feel good and away from things that make us feel uncomfortable.

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This new font breaks the big, unspoken rule in typefaces

In the world of type design, most any font or typeface you see falls into one of two camps. It’s either a serif or sans serif. The serifs (e.g., Times New Roman, Georgia, and Garamond) are the classics, featuring extra hooks and curves at the end of letters, for legibility and style.

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PODCAST | 253 - The Best Ads of 2021

Earlier this week, we unveiled Adweek’s list of the 25 Best Ads of 2021 and on this week's episode of Yeah, That's Probably an Ad, David and Shannon talk about their personal picks and why they feel they represented the best of the year’s brand marketing.

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